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Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Smile lines, also known as laugh lines or crow's feet, are often associated with looking older and serious. Urban life can be stressful, thus such a sign of aging can appear prematurely. Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment can help you address not only laugh lines but also issues like marionette lines, eye bags, and sagging skin, helping you get rid of all visible signs of aging!

Are you bothered by the following issues?

Prominent laugh lines

Facial sagging

Excessive eye bags

Fine lines around the eyes

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Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment uses the ulimate collagen stimulating technology. The non-invasive lasers with dual heating techique for instant lifting effects.


Dual laser wavelengths (1046nm and 2940nm), combine with four patented technologies ("SmoothLiftin™", "FRAC®", "PIANO®", and "SupErificial™") to saggy smile lines both on the outside and at the oral cavity. The technologies and energy stimulates collagen growth at the smile line area, effectively improving laugh lines for a firmer and younger appearance.

Target Issues

Laugh lines, eye bags, dark circles, sagging skin, and more

Suitable For

Men looking to improve facial skin issues

Lasting Period

You can see results after a single session. With proper skincare, the effects can last for an extended period²


No need for surgery, injections, or medication. No downtime needed.


4 Key Advantages

World renowned

World renowned

Internal and external skin tightening

Internal and external skin tightening



No pain, non-invasive

No pain, non-invasive³

Types of Laugh Lines


Concave Laugh Lines

Bone structures such as the cheekbones, zygomatic bones, and the alveolar bone can be particularly prominent, resulting in deep smile lines. In such cases, surgical bone reduction, jaw surgery, or teeth correction may be required to reduce smile line. This is done by flattening the protruding areas and filling in the concave areas with materials such as hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. Beware that an experienced surgeon is necessary for avoiding subpar surgical results with an overly puffy appearance.

Muscular Laugh Lines

Frequent facial movements, such as laughing, can strengthen relevant muscles, thus accentuating laugh lines. Even worse, your facial muscle get looser as you age, resulting in deep and saggy smile line. It's challenging to avoid this type of laugh lines unless you can stop aging or refrain from making facial expressions.

Sagging Laugh Lines

Most smile lines are of this variety. Aging causes collagen loss which, when combines with gravity, causes the skin and underlying fat and muscles to droop, deepening the smile lines. Smile lines become increasingly noticeable typically after the age of 25.

Mixed Laugh Lines

Many people have a combination of smile line factors, both congenital and acquired. The Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment can improve all types of smile lines by tightening facial muscles and fat internally and externally, instantly rejuvenating your appearance.


Why Choose Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment?

Multiple Benefits

Multiple Benefits

In addition to treating laugh lines, this treatment can address issues like marionette lines, dark circles, and eye bags, providing multiple benefits in one treatment

Quick Results

Quick Results²

You can see skin tightening effects such as enhanced facial contours and a more sculpted appearance right after the first session

International Certified

International Certified³

This treatment is FDA-cleared, ensuring effectiveness and safety



This treatment uses non-invasive, painless laser energy which does not damage the skin, thus needing no recovery period.

Enjoy internal and external lifting altogether. Say goodbye to smile lines today!

Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment Steps

Professional Skin Analysis
Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

Perfect Men's beauty therapist uses professional beauty analyzer to understand your facial issues. They analyze the distribution of fat and muscle on your face and determine the congenital or acquired causes of your laugh lines.

Treatment Consultation
Step 2

Treatment Consultation

Consultant will provide detailed explanations of the treatment principles, techniques, and effects. The team will explain how the treatment can help you achieve your desired skin condition and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Pre-Treatment Preparation
Step 3

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Before starting the treatment, therapists measure the dimensions of the treatment areas and select the appropriate instrument heads and energy settings. They also provide laser eye protection goggles and conduct a small skin test to ensure you have no discomfort before proceeding with the treatment.

Conduct Treatment
Step 4

Conduct Treatment

Therapists use a gentle laser instrument to perform lifting treatment on the muscles inside your mouth. Afterward, they use another instrument to stimulate collagen production on your cheeks.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up
Step 5

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

After the treatment, therapists review the treatment's effectiveness with you and explain post-treatment care instructions. If necessary, you can schedule your next treatment session.


Post-Treatment Reminders


  • After the treatment, use hydrating face masks and skincare products to keep your skin hydrated and reduce redness
  • Remember to apply sunscreen with SPF30 or higher when going out to protect your skin from direct sunlight


  • Avoid photothermal aesthetic treatments, including lasers, IPL, and RF energy, within two weeks after completing this treatment
  • Within the first two weeks after this treatment, avoid skincare products that contain harsh ingredients like alcohol, AHA/BHA, exfoliants, fragrances, etc

Stop smile lines from aging your look!


Comparing Popular Laugh Lines Removal Methods

Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment


Dual-wavelength laser energy combine with 4 patented tighening technologies to form the ultimate collagen growth stimulating treatment for comprehensive skin improvement

Time Needed To See Results

Significant lifting effects can be observed after the first treatment

Lasting Power

Effects are long-lasting with proper skincare


Non-invasive, no surgery, no injections, and no need for medication. Highly safe


You may feel a warm sensation during the treatment

Required Sessions

3 sessions are typically enough for most cases, but individuals with severe laugh lines may require up to 6 sessions

Botulinum Toxin (Botox)


A neurotoxin that blocks muscle activities by inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters, reducing the appearance of wrinkles

Time Needed To See Results

Effects take place in 4-5 days, with the maximum results seen after a month

Lasting Power

Lasts approximately 6 months, but requires ongoing injections for maintenance


Generally safe but may lead to a "frozen" facial expression with long-term use. Bruising can occur


May cause bruising

Required Sessions

Requires injections every 6 months for continued effectiveness

Facial Massage


Stimulates acupressure points and blood circulation to activate collagen growth for combatting aging

Time Needed To See Results

Takes a long time to show results

Lasting Power

Requires consistent massage to maintain effectiveness


Safe with the correct massage techniques


No discomfort

Required Sessions

Must be performed regularly for an extended period

Free Trial

Professional Skin Analysis And Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

Professional Skin Analysis And

Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

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Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment

What is the process of Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment?

This treatment incorporates four patented technologies: firstly, the SmoothLiftin technology aims and heats the oral cavity tissues to stimulate their collagen growth; next, the Frac3 technology targets both the outside and inside of the smile lines, delivering energy into the deepest tissues layer for promoting skin regeneration; then, the Piano technology pushes the treatment energy deeper into the dermis for enhanced lifting effect; at last, the SupErficial technology exfoliates epidermal layer, reducing stratum corneum for brighter, smoother skin.

Why does this treatment target the inside of the oral cavity?

The mucosal tissues lining the oral cavity are very close to the facial fascial layer, making intraoral treatment the most effective way to transmit heat energy to the fascial layer. This unique treatment approach enhances the improvement of laugh lines and skin tightening, addressing facial skin aging issues more effectively.

Does laughing frequently contribute to the development of smile lines?

Yes, any facial expression or movement involves various muscle groups in the face. Even a simple frown or smile can exert tension on multiple facial muscles. Those who frequently make exaggerated facial expressions may excessively strain facial muscles, leading to muscle memory and the eventual formation of laugh lines.

Is there a way to prevent the formation of smile lines?

You can take steps to slow down smile line development by consuming foods rich in collagen, such as legumes, quinoa, bone broth, chicken and fish, all of which helps repairing skin tissue and capabilities, thus maintaining skin structure and reducing wrinkles. Additionally, facial massages that stimulate acupuncture points and enhance facial blood circulation can give long-term but slow results.

Are there any side effects of undergoing Fotona 4D Smile Lines Treatment?

This non-invasive laser treatment does not require surgery or medication, making the process painless and non-disruptive. Since this treatment doesn't create wounds on your face, downtime after the treatment is not necessary. You can immediately resume your daily schedule afterwards, making this treatment highly suitable for busy professionals.

1 Limited to specific treatments

2Treatment effectiveness and progress may vary depending on individual skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer