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Signature Acne Treatment Signature Acne Treatment

Signature Acne Treatment

Do you struggle with acne? Perfect Men's Signature Acne Treatment is here to help! First, the innovative vacuum exfoliation technology gently removes oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. Then, the medical-grade hydrating essence is infused into the deepest skin layers. This treatment not only prevents acne but also reduces inflammation, eliminates bacteria, hydrates skin, and calms oil secretion. With just one treatment, you can bid farewell to acne for good!

Common Skin Issues

Oily face

Frequent acne breakouts

Enlarged pores

Blackheads and whiteheads

Signature Acne Treatment: Tackling all these issues at once!

Technology: Signature Acne Treatment

Vacuum Exfoliation Technology + Medical-Grade Hydrating Essence = The End of Acne


Gentle vacuum exfoliation technology painlessly removes 30 - 35mm of oil, dirt, and old dead skin cells, thoroughly cleansing the skin, unclogging pores, and dissolving blackheads. Then, medical-grade hydrating essence is infused into the deeper skin layers to activate collagen self-repair, nourish skin cells, suppress acne inflammation, sooth sensitivity, and balance oil secretion. Upon completing the treatment, your acne-prone skin will transform from the inside out, effectively and lastingly resolving acne problems, leaving your skin rejuvenated.

Target Issues

Acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and skin dehydration

Suitable For

Ideal for men with combination, oily, or acne-prone skin


Effectively kills acne bacteria and suppresses inflammation, significantly reducing the chance their recurrence


Non-invasive, the process is entirely painless and leaves no wounds, ensuring safety and comfort


4 Key Advantages

Vacuum Exfoliation Technology

Vacuum Exfoliation Technology³

Medical-Grade Hydrating Essence

Medical-Grade Hydrating Essence³

Eradicate various types of Acne

Eradicate various types of Acne³

Safe and Painless

Safe and Painless

Causes of Acne Formation


Excessive Oil

Frequent acne may be due to excessive oil secretion. Overdeveloped facial sebaceous glands produce excess oil, which can easily clog follicles, leading to blackheads, fostering acne bacteria, causing chronic inflammation, and eventually resulting in visible acne.

Excessive Androgen

Factors such as genetics, illness, medication, and diet can increase the level of androgen (male hormone), which stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more facial sebum. Excessive sebum can clog pores, leading to bacterial growth, resulting in acne breakouts!

Poor Diet

Poor dietary habits, such as frequent consumption of fried foods, sugary treats, heavily-flavoured foods, and spicy dishes, can accelerate the secretion of facial sebum. These foods also intensify the burden on the spleen and stomach. If toxins cannot be eliminated in time, pores will become blocked and toxins will accumulate, leading to acne.

Face Mite Infestation

Demodex, aka face mites, are often found in fabrics, bedding, and pillows. If dust mites are not promptly removed, they can subtly irritate our skin tissues, making the skin more prone to inflammation and acne recurrence.


Why Choose Signature Acne Treatment?

Gently Remove Aged Skin Cells

Gently Remove Aged Skin Cells

By gently exfoliating aged skin cells, unclogging pores, and balancing oil secretion, this treatment prevents pores from clogging, effectively stopping acne from recurring

Calming and Soothing

Calming and Soothing

Infuses medical-grade hydrating essence into the skin's deeper layers to calm and soothe inflammations, reduce redness, stabilize irritated skin, and restoring the skin’s radiance

Resolving Troublesome Skin

Resolving Troublesome Skin

The treatment not only eliminates acne but also addresses acne scars, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and dehydration – a comprehensive solution for problematic skin

Rapid Effectiveness

Rapid Effectiveness²

A 20-30 minutes session to control acne inflammation painlessly and non-invasively, ensuring comfort and safety. No recovery period required

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Signature Acne Treatment: Steps

Professional Skin Analysis
Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

The skincare consultants uses the advanced skin analyzer to examine your skin types and conditions. You can also observe the state of your skin via the device.

Skin Test
Step 2

Skin Test

The skincare consultants will discuss with you regarding your daily habits and diets. This discussion helps to identify acne triggers for tailoring treatment plans accordingly. The skincare consultant will also explain to you the treatment theory and process.

Preparation before Treatment
Step 3

Preparation before Treatment

Treatment begins with a small skin test to ensure no allergic reactions. The consultant will conduct the full treatment to the face afterwards.

Conduct the Treatment
Step 4

Conduct the Treatment

With vacuum exfoliation technology and medical-grade hydrating essence, the treatment deeply cleanses, soothes, and nourishes the skin. Each painless and safe session takes 20-30 minutes.

Review and Schedule
Step 5

Review and Schedule

After treatment, consultants review your session results, provide you with aftercare instructions, and help you with scheduling follow-up sessions.


Post-Treatment aftercare tips


  • Prioritize sun protection by using sunscreen with SPF30 or higher.
  • Cleanse your face often and follow proper skincare diligently. Use gentle skincare products with simple ingredients. Avoid rubbing face roughly.


  • Avoid using skincare products containing alpha hydroxy acids, exfoliants, or brightening ingredients for two weeks post-treatment to minimize skin irritation.
  • Avoid powerful photothermal treatments (i.e. lasers, IPL, RF energy) in the treated area for two weeks post-treatment.

Clean and flawless skin is key to getting charming!


Comparison between Popular Acne Treatments

Signature Acne Treatment


Vacuum exfoliation technology deeply cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, and balances oil secretion. Medical-grade hydrating essence soothes sensitivity and prevent acne recurrence.

Time Needed To See Results

A single session can calm acne inflammation; significant results can be seen with ongoing treatment


Effectively prevents acne recurrence. Maintain proper skincare habits to enjoy sustainable results


Non-invasive, wound-free, painless, no recovery period needed


Improves skin quality without damaging the skin. The process is entirely painless and comfortable

Required Sessions

Depends on the individual situations; generally, 5 to 10 sessions constitute a complete treatment

Oral Isotretinoin (A-Retinoids)


Controls oil secretion by orally ingesting isotretinoin to ease follicle inflammation, reduce clogs, curb acne bacteria, thus improving acne

Time Needed To See Results

Varies by individual, depending on skin condition, acne type, and accumulated dose


Effective in removing acne. However, many users experience recurring acne after discontinuing the usage


Possibility of side effects; severe cases might lead to abnormal liver function or even hepatitis


Skin might become extremely dry, leading to peeling, itching, and even a "breakout" phase for some

Required Sessions

Varies by individual; follow doctor's guidance on required session amount

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Treatment


TCM treats acne with personalized herbal prescriptions, often combined with external therapies to improve overall constitution and acne situation

Time Needed To See Results

Requires long-term treatment; effects are not immediate


Long-term use of TCM can improve constitution and reduce the likelihood of acne


If the herbal prescription is unsuitable, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, pain, and other adverse reactions


Herbal medicine often has a bitter or astringent taste and requires daily consumption, which not everyone can tolerate

Required Sessions

Varies by individual; depends on personal body type nd acne severity

Proof of Results

Before Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

After Treatment

Free Trial

Professional Skin Analysis And Signature Acne Treatment

Professional Skin Analysis And

Signature Acne Treatment

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What causes acne?

There are several causes to acne, the primary one being excessive oil secretion on the facial skin. If not properly cleansed, excess sebum can clog pores, leading to chronic inflammation and eventually forming acne. Poor dietary habits, excessive skin cleansing, and unhygienic living environments (like dust mites) can stimulate facial oil secretion, making the skin sensitive, fragile, and more prone to inflammation, leading to recurring acne.

What are the advantages of Signature Acne Treatment?

Oral medication for acne can be effective but might comes with significant side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on an integrated approach but is time costly and inconvenient. On the other hand, the Signature Acne Treatment only takes 20-30 minutes per session, is painless, non-invasive, and has no side effects. It not only removes acne but also kills acne bacteria, unclogs pores, and balances oil secretion. It truly restores skin health, preventing acne from recurring.

How soon can results be seen after Signature Acne Treatment?

The treatment's effectiveness is highly significant. The initial session effectively controls acne inflammation and improves facial oil secretion. It also removes dirt and old skin cells from pores, resolving different types of acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and dehydration issues. Results are evident after completing the full cycle of treatment.

Does the Signature Acne Treatment leave wounds.

The treatment uses non-invasive vacuum exfoliation technologywhich leaves no wound. This process dissolves blackheads, removes acne scars, and enhances overall skin quality without damaging the skin tissues. There is no need for recovery time, and you can immediately return to your daily routine.

How many sessions of the Signature Acne Treatment are recommended?

The actual number of sessions varies depending on the severity of the acne. Typically, a complete treatment plan consists of 5 to 10 sessions. After a professional skin analysis, skin consultants will recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your skin condition and needs.

1 Limited to specific treatments

2Treatment effectiveness and progress may vary depending on individual skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer