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R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

Introducing Revolutionary Anti-Aging Technology from Perfect Men: R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment. Triple-wavelength radiofrequency energy targets all skin layers, stimulating collagen production, dissolving excess eye bag fat, enhancing blood circulation, and addressing sagging and puffiness around the eyes, resulting in a bright and youthful look.

Looking to Improve the Following Issues?

Eye Bags

Dark Circles

Eye Wrinkles

Tear Troughs

Tackle four eye concerns with just 1 treatment!

R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

RF (Radiofrequency) energy is directed through all skin layers to improve eye bags, dark circles, and eye wrinkles


Triple-wavelength RF energy stimulates collagen production, speeds up eye area fat metabolism, and promotes blood circulation for combatting eye bags, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Target Skin Type

Suitable for most skin types. Still, those with sensitive skin should consult a therapist first

Suitable For

Beneficial for most people, especially those who frequently use electronic devices

Lasting Duration

See visible effects right after the initial treatment. Completing the full treatment course to make the results last up to a year or more²


Non-invasive, comfortable procedure with no recovery time required


4 Key Advantages of the treatment

Instantly reduces wrinkles

Instantly reduces wrinkles²

Effectively addresses eye bags and dark circles

Effectively addresses eye bags and dark circles²

Simultaneous release of triple-wavelength RF energy

Simultaneous release of triple-wavelength RF energy

No discomfort, injections, or invasive measures

No discomfort, injections, or invasive measures

What Causes Under-Eye Bags?



Reduced blood circulation and collagen loss result in fat accumulation. Eventually, you will see eyebags as the result of aging.


Genetic predisposition can lead to noticeable under-eye swelling.

Lifestyle Habits

Irregular sleep patterns, lack of sleep, and prolonged screen time can affect the skin quality, causing under-eye blood vessels to congest and form dark circles.

Prolonged Electronic Device Use

Extensive use of electronic devices emitting blue light causes eye fatigue and can contribute to bags, wrinkles, and dark circles.


Why Choose R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

Immediate Effect

Immediate Effect²

Stimulates collagen growth, tightens the eye contour, and boosts fat metabolism, leading to visible reduction in eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles after just one treatment.

Comprehensive Results

Comprehensive Results²

Customized RF frequencies precisely target different eye concerns, significantly reducing recurrence of dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles.

Firmer Eye Area

Firmer Eye Area

Energy infusion stimulates collagen production, promoting blood circulation and restoring eye-area skin's fullness.

Painless and Non-Invasive

Painless and Non-Invasive

This treatment painlessly deliver RF energy to the dermis and undereye fat without the need for surgery or a recovery period. This treatment is non-invasive, safe, and reliable.

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R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment Steps

Professional Skin Analysis
Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

Our expert team assesses your eye area and discusses your concerns.

Consultation before Treatment
Step 2

Consultation before Treatment

Our skilled beauty therapist gathers insights into your lifestyle to understand the causes of your eye concerns.

Pre-Treatment Preparation
Step 3

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Before starting, we explain the device's principles and application. We will also conduct a small patch test to ensure no adverse reactions.

Performing the Treatment
Step 4

Performing the Treatment

Our experienced therapist emit RF energy to your undereyes, effectively dissolving eye bag fat, enhancing blood flow and stimulating collagen proliferation. Afterward, a moisturizing mask will be put on you to optimize the treatment results.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up
Step 5

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

After completion, our consultant checks in to gather feedback, assess your skin's reaction, and schedule your next session.


Post-Treatment Reminders


  • Apply sunscreen before going outdoors to prevent pigment reformation
  • Gently massage the eye area with eye creams


  • Avoid strenuous exercises within a week
  • Avoid any photothermal undereye treatments (i.e. lasers, IPL, radiofrequency) within 2 weeks after the treatment

Ditch your hot compresses and remove eye bags the fast and long-lasting way!


Comparing Popular Eye Bag Removal Methods

R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment


Triple-wavelength RF energy stimulates collagen, dissolves eyebag fat, and enhances blood circulation for immediate and lasting firming results

Time Needed To See Results

Immediate effects seen after the first treatment

Lasting Power

Results can sustain itself for up to a year once completing the full treatment


Non-invasive, painless, with no recovery period


Comfortable warmth during treatment

Required Sessions

Around 6 sessions for mild concerns, up to 12 for severe cases

Eye Bags Surgery


The surgeon either make an incision inside the eye's conjunctiva or along the lower eyelid edge to remove eyebag fat

Time Needed To See Results

Immediate fat removal, but requires time for stitches to heal

Lasting Power

Eye bags may regenerate if post-operative care is improper


The incision made below the eyelash line, may turn into a small scar under the eye


Invasive procedure with recovery time

Required Sessions

Typically a one-time procedure, but recurrence of eyebags is possible

Eye Creams


Mostly contain natural extracts to activate skin cells, address eye concerns, or provide defense against external factors. Some also gives protection against UV or pollution

Time Needed To See Results

Results vary, may take months

Lasting Power

Effects diminish when not in use


Generally safe, but allergies to ingredients can occur


Generally comfortable, though one can be sensitive to certain ingredients

Required Sessions

Have to apply daily for at least 2 months

Proof of Results

Before Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

After Treatment

Free Trial

Professional Skin Analysis And R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

Professional Skin Analysis And

R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

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How do under-eye bags form?

One contributing factor is aging. As blood circulation around the eyes slows with age, elastin and collagen deplete faster. This leads to fat buildup around the eyes, eventually resulting in under-eye bags.

What's the theory of R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

The treatment utilizes triple-wavelength RF energy to stimulate collagen production and accelerates fat metabolism, while also improving blood circulation in the eye area. This combination effectively addresses eye bags, wrinkles, and dark circles.

What Are the benefits of the treatment?

There are 3 key benefits:1. Immediate Effects: Collagen stimulation, enhanced metabolism, and eye contour tightening lead to visible improvements after just one session.2. Long-Lasting Results: Tailored RF energy targets distinct eye issues, significantly minimizing recurrence of eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles. Collagen regeneration and fat metabolism combine to eliminate these concerns.3. Painless and Non-Invasive: The R6 treatment delivers RF energy painlessly, penetrating all skin layers without incisions, ensuring a safe and effective process without downtime.

How long can the effect of treatment lasts?

After a single R6 treatment, noticeable improvements in eye bags and dark circles can be observed. Lighter cases require around 6 sessions per treatment course, while more severe cases may need up to 12 sessions. Results can last approximately a year, with extended effects possible through proper eye skin care.

Is the R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment safe?

The comfortable RF energy reaches the deepest skin layers. It's non-invasive, making it a safer alternative to traditional, surgical methods. There is no recovery period, ensuring minimal disruption to daily life and work commitments. The tailored RF frequencies cater to the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, offering comprehensive and secure care.

1 Limited to specific treatments

2Treatment effectiveness and progress may vary depending on individual skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer