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C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment

C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment

Many men struggle with pigmentation concerns. To help men effectively lighten dark spots, Perfect Men introduces the C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment. The C6 high-intensity laser energy targets and breaks down pigmented spots and melanin, triggers collagen production for refinng pores, effectively reviving smooth, bright complexion.

Do you have these dark spots?


Hormonal Spots

Dull Skin Tone

Accumulated Pigments

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C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment

High-pulsed laser technology penetrates the skin to dismantle melanin in all layers, helps you knock out stubborn dark spots!


The C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment utilizes highly concentrated laser energy. Without harming the skin, this high-pulse laser energy permeates all skin layers to shatter melanin patches instantly, pulverizing them into fine particles for metabolic removal. C6 treatment can remove both shallow or deep pigmented spots in one fell swoop. You will see instant pigment reduction, brightening, collagen proliferating, and pore refining results with no rebound. C6 helps you regain a flawless, bright, and smooth complexion in no time!

Target Skin Type

All types of dark spots, like freckles, sunspots, age spots, hormonal spots, melasma, chloasma, liver spots, acne marks, and dull skin tone

Suitable For

Those who are concerned with pigmentation, desires to improve skin texture, wants a balanced complexion, and wishes to refine pores


Thorough eradication of various pigmentation types, prevention of future issues, giving lasting and effective results


Laser energy only targets melanin spots, thus ensuring the surrounding skin tissues remain undamaged - keeping the treatment safe and reliable


4 Key Advantages of the treatment

High-pulse laser technology

High-pulse laser technology³

Eliminate all pigmentation

Eliminate all pigmentation³

Painless and non-invasive

Painless and non-invasive³

No rebound

No rebound²

Common Causes of Pigmentation


UV Exposure

A primary factor in dark sot formation is the lack of sun protection. UV rays from sunlight cause significant damage, leading to wrinkles, sagging, and other aging concerns. They also activate pigment cells, resulting in increased melanin production and eventual dark spots.


If one parent has pigmentation, there's a higher probability of passing it to the next generation. This can lead to congenital pigmentation even at a young age, causing freckles to appear.


Extended periods of stress can disrupt hormone secretion, possibly leading to pigmentation issues. In TCM, pigmentation is linked to organ health. Consistent low moods and unstable emotions can lead to 'liver energy stagnation,' causing pigment deposits and varied pigmentation.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Staying up late, inadequate sleep, and irregular meals can slow down metabolism and increase melanin production.


Why Choose C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment?

Gentle Energy

Gentle Energy

The treatment emits a gentle dual-frequency pulse laser energy. The process is painless and non-invasive, offering enhanced comfort compared to existing laser methods

Combat Stubborn Dark Spots

Combat Stubborn Dark Spots

The laser penetrates skin layers to effectively obliterate all types of pigmentation

Enhance Overall Skin Quality

Enhance Overall Skin Quality

The laser energy reaches the dermis to stimulate collagen production for repairing sagging skin tissue, refining pores, enhancing elasticity, and balancing complexion - Bringing you a comprehensive skin texture improvement

Instant Results

Instant Results²

A single session shows evident results. Superficial pigmentation lightens instantly

Say bye to dark spots - Try C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment today!

C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment Steps

Professional Skin Analysis
Step 1

Professional Skin Analysis

Perfect Men's beauty consultants will use skin analysis tools to conduct an in-depth skin analysis, which helps to understand the types and distribution of facial pigmentation, as well as skin condition.

Detailed Consultation
Step 2

Detailed Consultation

To swiftly address pigmentation concerns, the consultant will thoroughly explain the treatment's principles and steps, also inquire about daily skincare habits, clarify pigmentation causes, tailor treatments, and determine session frequency.

Preparation Before Treatment
Step 3

Preparation Before Treatment

Before commencing the treatment, therapist will test laser energy on a small skin area to check for any discomfort. Clients are provided with protective eyewear and gel is applied to target areas.

Conduct treatment
Step 4

Conduct treatment

The therapist will emit laser energy to the face, shattering pigmentation in all skin layers. This process can activate collagen production for achieving brighter complexion and refining pores.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up
Step 5

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

The beauty consultant and therapist will inquire about clients' experiences during treatment, explain post-treatment skincare precautions, and schedule the next session, ensuring treatment progress.


Post-Treatment Reminders


  • Hydrate skin post-treatment to prevent dryness
  • Use SPF30+ sunscreen to shield skin from UV damage


  • Avoid high-energy photothermal treatments (e.g., laser, IPL, RF) on treated areas for two weeks post-treatment
  • Refrain from using AHA, exfoliants, and brightening products for one week post-treatment to minimize skin irritation

Say goodbye to dark spots the easy way!


Popular Skin Brightening and Spot Removal Methods

C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment


High-density pulse laser penetrates the dermis to instantly shatters melanin, effectively removing pigmented spots of all depths while promoting collagen production and enhancing skin texture

Time Needed To See Results

Visible results after the first session, with immediate fading of superficial layer dark spots with refined pores


Continuous collagen production after treatment; maintain good skincare habits to see no rebound


Laser energy only remains on the skin's surface for a short time, causing no harm to the skin


Painless and non-invasive, resulting in a comfortable experience

Required Sessions

Varies based on pigmentation type; usually 3-6 sessions are enough for superficial layer dark spots, and 6-12 sessions will suffice for deeper dark spots

IPL Spot Removal


Intense pulsed light energy of various wavelengths are emitted through the instrument to penetrates all skin layers to dissolve melanin, break down dark spots, and improve skin issues such as pigmentation deposition and tiny blood vessels

Time Needed To See Results

IPL energy is dispersed, making it difficult to eliminate dark spots in a single session. Multiple sessions are required to clear superficial layer pigmentation


The duration depends on post-treatment care, and some individuals have reported experiencing rebound


Controlling IPL energy is challenging, as the released energy can cause skin burns and more


The process can cause a tingling sensation and even a burning sensation

Required Sessions

The number of sessions required varies based on the type and condition of the dark spots; visible results appear usually after 3-6 session

Treat Dark Spots with Food


Consume foods with skin-brightening effects to prevent melanin formation and balance the complexion

Time Needed To See Results

Slow process; prolonged consumption required to observe results


Results may change if dietary habits changes


Generaally safe, but be careful of food allergies


No significant discomfort

Required Sessions

Consistent consumption is needed to see results. Discontinuing intake of the foods may see pigmentation comes back

Proof of Results

Before Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

After Treatment

Free Trial

Professional Skin Analysis And C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment

Professional Skin Analysis And

C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment

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What are the common causes of pigmentation?

The main culprit is sunlight, especially its UV rays. When your skin stays under the sun for a long time, it starts producing more melanin, which forms various kinds of skin spots. Factors like genetics, irregular daily schedule, and insufficient sleep can mess with your skin's natural renewal process, making it easier for those dark spots to settle in.

How does the C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment work?

Powerful laser energy dive deep into all of your skin layers, breaking up all melanin into tiny specks of dust for metabolic removal. The gentle laser energy also stimulate collagen proliferation in your skin, which helps fight aging signs, keeping your skin bouncy and tight.

How soon can I see results from the treatment?

You may spot changes right after the first session. One session can signifcantly lighten freckles and other superficial layer spots. Finish the full treatment course for your skin's collagen production to kicks in, which improve your skin's quality and bring out its best glow.

Any after-care tips after the treatment?

You need sunscreen with SPF 30 or above to shield your skin from UV rays. Since laser is a high-energy treatment, moisturizing is a need. Use skincare products with natural ingredients to avoid skin irritation. Also, it's a good idea to skip products with ingredients like physical scrub or chemical exfoliation.

Does the C6 Good Skin Laser Facial Treatment hurt?

It's painless and gentle. It zaps away pigmented spots without affecting the skin around them. So, you get all the benefits without feeling any pain.

1 Limited to specific treatments

2Treatment effectiveness and progress may vary depending on individual skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer